Letter to Maria Marsh Mulvihill from her niece Maria Irwin in Canada

Maria Marsh was one of at least two children.  A letter from her sister Annie or Anna’s daughter Maria was discovered recently in New York and cousin James Walker sent me a copy. Annie Marsh married a man named Joseph Henderson Irwin.  They had three children, Charles, Mary Ann and Maria Jane.  Maria wrote the letter transcribed below in 1878.  Peter mentioned is Peter Mulvihill, Mr. Smith is Alfred E. Smih, senior.  Alfred the child is the Governor, the baby is Aunt Mamie (Mary Agnes Smith) Peter’s baby is Thomas Mulvihill.   I do not know who Mrs. Wright is.

pdf file of scanned letter is here:  MJI002 (1)

Brantford May 27

Dear Aunt,

It is with the greatest of pleasure that I now answer your very welcome letter.  We were all glad to hear from you and that you were all well.  We are all well at present except Ma she is not very well this long time she has a very lame shoulder.  Brother Charles has a store here in Brantford he is in Brantford since last fall but his family are still in the same place.  I do not know whether he will move here to Brantford or not.  You wished to know if Charles wife has any more children she has not any more but Mary Ann has a young daughter it is about 7 weeks of age and her name is Charlotte Ann she is named after her 2 grandmothers.  I wrote to Peter a long time ago but he never answered my letter.  Ma and Da send their love to you and all the folks over there. Ma sends her love to Mr. Smith and to Alfred and the baby.  Give our love to Peter’s baby, Delia and Mary and also to Mrs. Wright and family also to yourself dear Aunt.  I would like to see you and all my cousins.  Mary Ann was here last week she sends her love to you all.  Charles sends his best wishes to you all.  Ma wants to know if you ever hear from Ireland.  Dear Aunt I cannot think of any thing more to say this time hoping you will not neglect answering this letter soon, I remain

Dear Aunt your affectionate neice

Maria Irwin



Envelope addressed to:

Mrs Maria Mulvehill
174 South Street
New York City

In Care of Mr Smith

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