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The Children of Emily Josephine Heaviside and Simon Dunn

Chris Dunn031

Above, undated photo of Christopher J. Dunn, oldest child of Simon Dunn and Emily Josephine Heaviside Dunn.  Photo courtesy of Paul Frey.

We left the Dunn family after the 1880 Federal Census, living on Cherry Street in the Fourth Ward.  Previous blog post here: http://wp.me/p1mhyg-5R. After following the Heaviside family and their diaspora to the United States and Australia, we return to the Dunns.

The next Census we could reference would be the 1892 New York State Census, but copies were not retained in several counties including New York County in which parts of the Bronx were recorded.  We know the family moved to the Bronx in 1883 and maintained the store at 104 1/2 Cherry Street where Simon Dunn died on October 16, 1889 of hemiplegia dextra (stroke) due to a ruptured blood vessel in the brain.

The oldest child, Christopher Dunn, born in March of 1865, according to the 1900 Federal Census, has married Josephine Ozab in 1899 and is living at 893 Trinity Avenue in the Bronx with his in-laws.  Head of the household is 63 year old Austrian, Joseph Ozab, his wife Caroline, age 59, who reports to have borne 13 children, with only 5 still living, four currently with their parents.  Josephine (Dunn), age 33, Otto, age 28, Fred, age 22 and Henrietta age 20.  Christopher Dunn, age 35 is employed as a bookkeeper.  Also in the 1900 Federal census, Emily J. Dunn,  age 60, is living with sons Lawrence and Henry.

In the 1905 New York State Census, the family is living at 1384 Washington Avenue, Bronx.  Chistopher is 40, Josephine is 38 and their daughter Josephine E. Dunn is 3. His mother Emily Josephine Heaviside Dunn is living around the corner at 3681 Third Avenue with her son Lawrence, age 36.

In the 1910 Federal Census, the family has moved again and is at 784 165th Street.  Christopher is 45 and employed as a bookkeeper at a Brewery, Josephine, is 43 and little Josephine is 6 years old.  Also, in the 1910 Census, Emily Josephine Dunn, age 66 and Lawrence, age 42 are living with her daughter Catherine Dunn Smith in the Fourth Ward at 25 Oliver Street. Lawrence is working as a clerk in the City Law Office.

On November 11, 1912, Emily Josephine Heaviside died at 240 Franklin Avenue in the Bronx of cardiac asthenia, understood at the time as heart exhaustion.  She was buried in Calvary Cemetery on November 13, 1912.

The 1915 New York State Census, Christopher J. Dunn is listed at 50, working as a clerk, Josephine is 48, and Josephine E. is 11.  The family is still at 784 165th Street.  In the 1920 Federal Census, Christopher is listed as 54, Josephine as 53 and Josephine their daughter at 18 and 2 months.  Christopher is now working for the City Government as a bookkeeper.  In the 1930 Federal Census, the family has moved to Larchmont in Westchester County; 15 Vandenberg Avenue to be exact.  Christopher is 65, Josephine is 63.  Their daughter, Josephine, married Paul Frey in  1926 and they have one son, Paul Frey, born in February of 1928. This family is living in Mamaroneck, Westchester County, New York.

In the 1940 Federal Census, the Frey family is living in New Rochelle.  Christopher J. Dunn, age 75, his wife Josephine, 73 are living with the Frey family.  Christopher is Deputy Commissioner of Public Welfare.  The Freys –  William, age 42 is a bank manager, Josephine, age 38 and children Paul, age 12 and Maureen, age 5 – are living at 58 Mountain Avenue.

Christopher J. Dunn died on February 23, 1943 at age 77.  His obituary from the New York Times reads:

Christopher J. Dunn, who was first Deputy Commissioner of Public Welfare of New York for ten years ending in 1936, died here today at his home, 58 Mountain Avenue, at the age of 77.
Born in New York, a son of the late Simon Dunn and Emily Heaviside Dunn, he worked in his father’s dry goods store in Lower Manhattan after graduating from the St. James Parochial School. Later he was in the office of the Bronx County Register and helped found the Jackson Democratic Club in the Bronx.
In a public statement during the political campaign of the Autumn of 1929, the late Bird S. Coler called Mr. Dunn “one of the squarest and most honest public officials I have ever come in contact with.”
His sister, Catherine Dunn Smith, is the wife of former Governor Alfred E. Smith.  A daughter, Mrs. William A. Frey, of Larchmont also survives.

 The next child of Simon and Emily is Lawrence Dunn. In the 1900 Federal Census and the 1905 New York State Census, Lawrence is living with his mother, Emily, in the Bronx.  In the 1910 Federal Census, he is living with his sister Catherine Dunn Smith and her husband, Assemblyman Alfred E. Smith at 25 Oliver Street in the Fourth Ward. He is 42 and working as a clerk in the New York City Law Department.  I have been unable to track Lawrence after that until his obituary in the New York Times which notes that he had been living at 25 Oliver Street at the time of his death from pneumonia at St. Vincent’s Hospital on September 13, 1927.  The article from September 16, 1927 noted that in addition to Governor and Catherine Dunn Smith, also in attendance were Mr. and Mrs Christopher Dunn, Mrs. Henry Dunn, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Smith, Jr., Major and Mrs. John Warner, Walter Smith, Mr. and Mrs. John Glynn, Major Alfred Glynn, John Glynn, Jr., Vincent Glynn, and Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Glynn.

The third son of Simon and Emily Dunn is Henry A. Dunn.  Henry was born in June of 1869.  As noted above, he was living with his mother and brother Lawrence in 1900.  He does however, appear to have had a child with Theresa Nuse in 1894.  In 1900, Jacob Zimmerman, age 27, a bartender, is living with his wife of two years, Theresa, age 24 and a stepson, Herbert Dunn, age 6 – born March of 1894.  I can find neither family in the 1905 New York State Census.  By the time of the 1910 Federal Census, Henry and Theresa are married and their son Herbert is 15.  The family is living on 145th Street in the Bronx.  Henry is working as a finance clerk for the City of New York. They are living with Theresa’s mother, Elizabeth Nuse and Theresa’s sister May Nuse. Jacob Zimmerman died in 1900.  Henry’s age is listed as 38 (really 40 going on 41).

In the 1915 New York State Census, Henry, age 45, Theresa, age 39 and Herbert, age 21 are living in the Bronx.  Henry as a bookkeeper in the Insurance industry, Herbert is a marine plumber.  In the 1920 Federal Census, Henry A Dunn, age 49, is an State Insurance examiner, Theresa, age 44 is a housewife and Herbert, 24 is a plumber on a merchant vessel.  On February 12, 1922, Henry A. Dunn died of pneumonia at St. Francis Hospital.  He is originally interred in St. Raymond’s Cemetery, later re-interred in the Dunn Family plot in Cavalry cemetery.  The 1925 New York State Census shows Theresa Nuse Dunn, age 49, working as a state clerk, living with her son, Herbert, age 31, his wife Edith Veronica Alsdorf, age 18, a two year old daughter Ella, and one year old son, Lawrence. Herbert is now working as a pattern fitter.

By the time of the 1930 Federal Census, the Herbert and Edith Dunn family has grown to five children, along with Herbert’s mother Theresa.  The family has moved to Staten Island.  Herbert is 36, Edith 23, Ella is 7, Lawrence is 5, Theresa is 4, Herbert, Jr. is 2 and a living son is 2 months old.  Herbert is working as steam fitter.

Henry A Dunn and Theresa Nuse Dunn with Herbert Dunn.

Henry A Dunn and Theresa Nuse Dunn with Herbert Dunn.


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The Descendants of Henry Pearcy Heaviside

In the 1910, Mary Heaviside, Henry’s widow, is living in Brooklyn at 761 Marcy Avenue. Henry died on the 14th of April 1908. He was living at 480 Gates Avenue, Brooklyn at the time of his death.  He was 62.  Mary is living with sons Henry and Frederick.   Following the children in order:

John Burrows Heaviside in 1910 is living in Brooklyn as well at 126 Garfield Place, age 37. He is a Book Keeper at a Dry Goods Company.  His wife, Frances A., is 29 and the daughter of German immigrants. They have been married for 7 years and have two children: Henry P. age 6 and Frances A. age 5.  Also in the 1915 Census, John B. Heaviside and wife Frances are 38 and 32.  Son Henry is 11 and daughter Frances is 10.  John’s occupation is listed as Accountant. They are living at 339 Washington Avenue. In the 1920 Census,  John B. Heaviside and Frances are living at 335 Parkville Avenue in Brooklyn.  John is 42 and an accountant with the Hartford Insurance Company.  Son Henry P. is 16 and daughter Frances is 14.  In the 1925 New York State Census, John (misspelled Heaveyside) is living at 1224 35th Street in Brooklyn.  Occupation, accountant and age 50.  Frances A. is 40, housewife.  Son Henry P (Harry in this census) is 21 and Frances is 20 and a stenographer.  In the 1930 Census, John B. Heaviside and Frances are 56 and 48 living at 1224 35th Street.  John is an auditor for an insurance Company.  John Burrows Heaviside, named for his uncle, grandfather and possibly his great grandfather, died November 19, 1935.  His widow Frances A. would not make the next Federal Census either, passing away Feb. 24, 1939.  Their son Henry in the 1940 Federal Census is a lawyer, living in Queens at 6974 180th Street, age 35 with his wife Hannah, age 34 and a 9 year old son.

Henry P. and Mary Corrigan Heaviside’s daughter Mary Heaviside has married a man named John E. Dunn and had been married 5 years in the 1910 Federal Census.  John Dunn is a driver for a milk company and is 31 years old.  Mary Heaviside Dunn is 26 and the children are John W., age 4 and Anna M., age two. In the 1915 New York Census, Henry P. Senior’s widow Mary is living with daughter Mary and son-in-law John Dunn at 291 Nostrand Avenue.  Mary is listed as 60, John E. Dunn 36; Mary, his wife is 31.  Children John W. Dunn is 10; Anna M is 7, and Henry H. is 4.  In the Federal Census in 1920, John E. Dunn and Mary Heaviside Dunn are living at 362 Lefferts Avenue, Brooklyn.  John is 41 working as an inspector for a milk company.  Mary is 36; John W. is 14 and a delivery boy for a grocery store, Anna M. is 11, Henry H. is 9 and a new child, Dorothy is age 2 years, 4 months.  In the 1925 New York State Census, I cannot locate the family.  In the 1930 Federal Census, John E. Dunn, age 51 is living with Mary, his wife, age 46 are living at 1456 East 53rd Street, Brooklyn. John is foreman at the milk company, son (John) William is 24 and a clerk in the banking industry; Anna M. is 22 and a stenographer in the employ of the City of New York; Dorothy is 13.  Henry is no longer listed.  There is a listing for a Harry H. Dunn who died December 17, 1926 at age 16.  Also living with them is Mary E. Heaviside, age 78, widowed.  Mary E. Colligan Heaviside died January 17, 1936.  In the 1940 Federal Census, E. John Dunn (?) is 60, still at 1456 East 53rd Street.  His is the foreman at the Milk Company.  His wife, Mary Heaviside Dunn is 55 and living with them is daughter Dorothy, age 22, working as a typist at a real estate office.  A John E. Dunn, age 62, of Brooklyn, passed away May 10, 1942. Without examining the death certificate, I cannot be certain if this is the same John E. Dunn. Likewise, a Mary Dunn also of Brooklyn, age 61, died January 6, 1947.  

Frederick Heaviside (and Henry) do not show up in the 1915 census.  We do know that Frederick served as a corporal in the US Army during the final year of World War II beginning in June of 1918.  He is not in the NY area for the 1920 Federal Census.  Or at least I have been unable to locate him.  In the 1925 New York State Census,  Frederick Heaviside is married to wife Mary Hooper, both 32.  Fred is working as a clerk.  They have three daughters in 1925: Catherine age 11; Helen 4 and a living daughter is age 3.  Living with them is Catherine Hooper, mother-in-law, age 57.  In 1930 Federal Census, they are living at 1505 East 55th Street, Brooklyn (same address as 1925).  Both Frederick and Mary are 37.  He is employed as an agent for a Children’s Society.  Catherine is 16 and working as a Clerk in an Insurance Office; Helen is 9; a living daughter is 8; Frederick J. Junior is 3 and daughter Joan is 2.  Mother-in-law Catherine Hooper is living with them age 63. In the 1940 Federal Census, the family has moved to 1622 East 54th Street.  Frederick J. Heaviside is employed as a Stenographer in Adult Education.  He is 47 as is his wife Mary.  Living with them are Helen age 19; a living daughter, age 18; Fred Jr, age 13; Joan age 12; and a living son age 7.

 Henry P. Heaviside, Jr.  born April 3, 1891, married Helen E. McAuliffe in 1913 and they had three children. Grace Heaviside was born March 25, 1914 in Brooklyn and married Thomas Regan; Robert D. Heaviside was born february 9, 1917 and married Henrietta Ward Smith in 1942; and William Henry Heaviside, born in 1920 married Evelyn Patricia Davis in 1948.  In the  1930 Federal Census, this family is living in Oak Park in Cook County, Illinois at 404 S. Maple Avenue.

Frederick John Heaviside born March 24, 1893, married Mary Catherine Hooper and they had seven children. Catherine, born October 26, 1913 married Raymond W. Baker; Eugene,  who died as a child; Helen married Anthony Pokowitz in 1945; Dorothy Jean married John Edward London;  Joan Mary, married Richard Kean in the early 1950’s; and additional two sons still living. 

Note: With recent knowledge of descendants still living, I have removed their names for privacy reasons from this post, which has been expanded from a previous entry.

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Heavisides in New York

We know that Emily Josephine Heaviside’s three brothers, William, Henry and John, also emigrated to New York and were policemen in the New York Municipal Police Department. William was the first in 1860, he petitioned for Naturalization on September 8, 1870. Henry was next, coming in 1863. He petitioned for Naturalization October 20, 1868 at the time living at 7 Madison Street.  He was not Naturalized until 10 years later on September 10, 1878.  The witness to his becoming a citizen on that date was his brother-in-law Simon Dunn.  John was third to emigrate in 1872.   I am unable to find his Naturalization information.  In the 1870 census, Henry was living with Simon and Emily Dunn.  In the 1880 census, John was living with Henry and his family.  In the 1878 New York City Directory, Henry was living at 7 Madison Street.

In 1880, Henry Pearcy Heaviside was living at 63 Catharine Street.  Henry married Mary Corrigan in 1872.  They had their first child John Burrows Heaviside in July of 1873.  They would have Mary in October 1883; Henry P. Junior in April of 1891 and Frederick J. in March of 1893.

In the 1900 Federal Census when Henry is living at 48 St. Marks Place in Brooklyn.  He is still a policeman and is 55 years old. His wife Mary is 44, born in May of 1856.  Henry claims he emigrated in 1855.  His son John Burrows is 26 and a book keeper; Mary is 16 and works as a stenographer.  John Heaviside has left the police department and now sells furniture at 84 Atlantic avenue in Brooklyn in the late 1880’s early 1890’s.  John Heaviside of 84 Atlantic Avenue died at age 57 on March 23, 1892.  We do know that Henry Heaviside purchased a plot in Calvary cemetery on January 18, 1883.  We do know that on that same date, a Patrolman named William Heaviside died from an infection in his hand caused by a bite sustained while on duty.

Patrolman William Heaviside died January 18 1883 from an infection he contracted after being bitten by a sick person he was attempting to aid. On February 8, 1882, Patrolman Heaviside was called to the corner of James Street and Cherry Street, in Manhattan, to aid a person having a seizure. While attending to and aiding the person, Patrolman Heaviside was bitten on the right hand. The hand became infected and swollen soon after. As time passed, the infection got worse and doctors informed Patrolman Heaviside that he was have to have his hand amputated. Patrolman Heaviside refused to have the surgery and died 11 months after being bitten. Patrolman Heaviside was assigned to the 4th Precinct, which is the present day 1st Precinct.

Henry P. Heaviside died April 14, 1908 and was buried in the family plot in Calvary Cemetery.  Of the four Heavisides who emigrated from Ireland, only Emily Josephine Heaviside Dunn survives past 1908.  She will pass away on November 11, 1914 in the Bronx.  She is buried in the Heaviside plot, alongside her husband.  Later, in 1927, both Simon and Emily will be removed from the Heaviside plot and reinterred in a plot purchased by Christopher Dunn, their oldest child.

In the next section, I will trace the descendants of Henry Pearcy Heaviside and Mary Colligan.

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Heavisides in 1880

Heavisides in 1880

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Dunn Family in 1880

Dunn Family in 1880

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Dunn Family in 1870

Dunn Family in 1870

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